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Thank You For The Card With The Cartoon Nurse [entries|friends|calendar]
Rabbit Troop Sucks!

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You didn't enjoy it. You never believed it. There won't be a refund. You'll never go back. [25 Feb 2008|01:06am]
I'd like to say that 2008 is better than 2007, but what isn't?

I also wonder if I'm really socially inept or if I just do it so I never have to get to know anybody. If the latter is true, I wish it were a more effective method.
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We shared some information we might not recover from. [13 Nov 2007|09:23pm]
I don't think anything can pull me out of the fucking black hole I fell into last week, but

goddamn. Playing Mario Galaxy is probably the closest I'm really going to get.
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If you try the best you can, the best you can is good enough. [22 Oct 2007|12:22pm]
[ mood | Alien has ideas ]

I really wish I had just woken up. At least then I'd have an excuse for not being dressed.

I was once told in Social Psychology that people who are depressed tend to have a more realistic view of themselves. Maybe that's not necessarily true for the way they see other people. But, I guess it could be.

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Everything, everything - in its right place, in its right place, in its right place... [15 Oct 2007|09:48am]
[ mood | pot funds terrorism ]

We were outside of this concert talking to some guy, and he lit up this weird round metal pipe thing and smoke came out. He literally explained, "Yeah, I just came out here for some... marijuana."

Two weeks ago, that would have been fucking hilarious.

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Her green plastic watering can for her fake Chinese rubber plant. [11 Oct 2007|08:26pm]
One of my biggest fears has always been that I'll need other people more than they need me.

So why is that always exactly what I do?

I'd really like to help you, man. I'd really like to help you, man. [10 Oct 2007|11:55pm]
[ mood | taking crazy pills ]

Today, a new Radiohead album came out, and Sonic the Hedgehog was announced as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

I wish today felt like it should have.


Why did you put it on the garbage barge [10 Oct 2007|02:51am]
and tow it out into the freedom-loving, sister-hugging screaming yelling?



I wonder what The Chadwicks are doing right now.
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Where do we go from here? The words are comin' out all weird. Where are you now that I need you? [09 Oct 2007|12:51am]
[ mood | Aliens are pussies ]

Sorry guys, I checked the old church website, and all their fill-in-the-blank bulletins really suck now. Writing "butts" next to Bible verses is really only funny the first eight or nine times.

Though when God talks about butts, I pay attention.

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I can't leave you alone for five minutes. What the Christ, what the Devil. [04 Oct 2007|10:38pm]
[ mood | these walls are paper thin ]

Adam: by the way, I can't find Dethalbum anywhere
Alan: try searching in the FUCKING AWESOME asile
Adam: I can see how maybe they weren't anticipating "fake cartoon metal band makes incomprehensible songs" to be a smash success, but shit, man, you put Hatredcopter on an album, you're gonna move discs
Alan: maybe they put it under comedy...with...with the other metal albums
Adam: ba dum, tss!

Many of you are privy to the lulzy school I attend, so you'll find it extra funny that they're being, like, mad sued. Three former professors are suing them for wrongful termination, but that barely matters. Where it gets interesting is, apparently they were fired of a list that was compiled of all the inappropriate, unreported, and just plain gaudy spending that the president of the school and his family has been doing with money that comes out of the university's pocket. Not to mention, some allegations that they used the Government department to help with the mayoral campaign of some dude last year, which is in mad violation of the school's nonprofit status. I'm not sure if all the other spending is illegal, but it certainly looks shitty.

All of this is slightly surprising, though in retrospect I'm sure it won't be. See also: http://inharmsway2.livejournal.com/164090.html

The funniest part to me, though, is how they're handling it. They had some mandatory meeting, I'm told, at 11:00PM on Monday to announce the lawsuit and, um, pray. After that, the Internet was down around school. Coincidence theory aside (GOD HAS A PLAN), the Internet is back up there with some key changes. You can no longer access local news sites like Fox23 because... wait for it... they have the lawsuit petition available to read.

Because, as we all know, the best way to solve a problem is to pretend it's not there.

Well, Godspeed. It's straight though, dude. Lucky for them, God wants everyone to be rich. Right?



There was a man at the wall, he was grateful for us all [22 Sep 2007|02:42am]
[ mood | can I touch you there? ]

I turned the silliness in my last entry into a poem by fiddling with the structure and adding a few lines. This was largely the cause of the due date for bringing a poem to class that day!

The Internet Lords

Since I am obedient to the laws
laid down by the Internet Lords,
for whom no image is graven
no deeds documented
no sonnet speaks

Yet beings of resonating ascendancy
Looming shadows cast over all their dominion

Colossi, gazing over us with omniscient eyes and stone tongues,
of whom the ease of denial is eclipsed
by the impossibility of escape.

For whom all who walk this plane pine
like the vein needs the blood,
else be it hollow, perplexed, without purpose

And for whom I will repost messages in reciprocity,
their repetition neither negating nor numbing their inherent intent
A bulletin, image, a link to a page
Communion to copy, piety to paste

In doing so, I pray only that it brings the Lords contentment
in this one fleeting moment
of their immortality

Alt. title: Internet Lords ftw

There was this note on the time clock today from the cooperate higher-ups explaining that they were no longer considering pay cuts next month. But the way they wrote it was as if they were doing us some sort of favor. Man, thanks for continuing to kick us the crappy rates we were promised all of a month and a half ago, fellows, I'll try not to spend it all in one place!

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I don't know where the sunbeams end and the starlight begins, it's all a mystery [18 Sep 2007|02:35pm]
Since I am obedient to the laws laid down by the Internet Lords, for whom no image is graven, no deeds documented, no sonnet speaks, yet beings of resonating ascendancy, shadows cast on their dominion -- colossi, gazing over us with omniscient eyes and stone tongues, of whom the ease of denial is eclipsed by the impossibility of escape, for whom all who walk this plane pine like the vein needs the blood, and for whom I will repost this message in reciprocity, praying only that it brings them contentment in this one fleeting moment of their immortality:

Comment and I'll...
1. Tell you why I friended you.
2. Associate you with something - fandom, a song, a colour, a photo, etc.
3. Tell you something I like about you.
4. Tell you a memory I have of you.
5. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
6. Tell you my favorite user pic of yours.
7. In return, you must post this in your LJ

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La fantasma es en el castillo! [16 Sep 2007|04:51pm]
[ mood | Aliens turn blue on command ]

In this Spanish class silliness, I am required to spend extra hours outside of class at the cultural center. Last week, I wanted to get some of those hours out of the way, so I went in and scrolled through the list of DVDs I could watch. I stopped scrolling immediately when I found Scooby Doo's Original Mysteries with Spanish dub.

I didn't learn much about culture by watching the first five episodes of Scooby Doo in Spanish. However, I did learn that ¿Dondé está, Scooby Doo? doesn't rhyme nearly as well as its English counterpart.

Netflix is so tempting. I did that free two week trial business because of free movies. This move was also motivated by Blockbuster being a hellhole. But man, I want to watch, like, this stuff. Like a lot of stuff. I'm embarrassingly behind on various must-see items. I only just saw Evil Dead 1 and 2 this year. I can't even remember what my life was like before I saw that. Or rather, I do not want to.

But I don't have a lot of time for that. Culture center hours? God Almighty.


Hands up, guns out, represent the World Town [03 Sep 2007|06:50pm]
[ mood | I am scanning this wall AGAIN ]

I bought the new two-disc Serenity DVD yesterday. I think you guys should probably know that I'm a big fucking consumer whore. I guess I was always going to buy it at some point, but I bought it at that particular moment because there was this sticker on it. The sticker told me something about an exclusive Best Buy comic within! I didn't even know what the comic was really. I just needed to have it.

DVD's are probably very bad for me. I need, like, best editions, and I don't really know why. I go out of my way to get any version that is slightly better than ever other version. Special Editions and the Internet have proved a potent combination for killing myself. Crista likes to say I have OCD, but I told her that I only use acronyms that are in alphabetical order.

In my own defense, Serenity's really cool.

Also, to all the people that don't read this, does anyone have Metroid Prime 3? I have these Friend vouchers, and it's very important that I unlock bumper stickers. Thanks!

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These walls are paper thin and everyone hears every little sound [29 Aug 2007|10:33pm]
[ mood | emoooooootiooooooooon ]

For the first time that I remember, I have a teacher that grades individual papers via letters rather than percentage points. My short story was A- as hell!

I had this interview at Borders last week, which I hope works out. I figure if I combine the employee discount with the members rewards, I can FINALLY get Titanic for, like, twelve bucks.

Man, remember those meme's where your friends were supposed to ask you two questions or whatever? That would make ending this entry way easier.


Thank you, Jack White, for the fiber optic Jesus that you gave me [25 Aug 2007|10:04pm]
[ mood | ^_^V ]

Wayne Coyne, of The Flaming Lips fame, was to be hanging out at a record store last Monday night in Oklahoma City in celebration of the release of their concert DVD, UFOs At The Zoo. Unfortunately, I do not live in Oklahoma City. However, Chris does! He was awesome enough to go and get me the autograph of this totally awesome man. Unfortunately, he ended up waiting from 11:00PM to 2:00AM to get it. I felt bad, but I think the results are TOTALLY worth it:

it's just a supernatural delay, and it's hard to read the writing through the flamesCollapse )

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Far enough, far enough wasn't far enough. [27 Mar 2007|10:23pm]
I just wanted to update because everybody else was doing it.
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It always seems like you're leaving, when I know the other one just a little too well. [24 Jan 2007|11:02pm]
[ mood | a lot of moods look like this ]

First entry of 2007! 2006's mother is so fat that I couldn't see around enough to realize that there was another year right behind her -- so vivacious and full of that youthful exuberance that only exists to be later crushed, and yet we are all afterwards forced to keep on living like a cartoon character after an anvil incident.

The important thing about keeping a journal, probably, is to have a personal record of one's own wanderings. Or at the very least, to record Which Alvin And The Chipmunks Are You? In the vein of the former, the following is what I have going for me:

They took my wisdom teeth from me over the weekend, which will be good for my mouth by next week or so, I assume. Right now it's bad for my mouth. It's bad for my mouth and everything that goes in it. The back of it tastes funny and is also sore. I haven't tried to eat cereal for a bit, so I've rediscovered that yogurt not only exists but that it comes in new, exciting flavors. I'm not going to ask how they make carmel yogurt, but I appreciate what they did there.

Other than that, if any of you want to donate a Wii to me, I will make several Mii's in your honor. Thanks!

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If I were a murderer, na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na~ [15 Nov 2006|09:42pm]
O.J. Simpson to discuss killings

"O.J. Simpson, in his own words, tells for the first time how he would have committed the murders if he were the one responsible for the crimes," the network said in a statement.

Ha ha ha, oh WOW.
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Everything you know is wrong! [02 Sep 2006|11:01am]
Because Weird Al is quite apparently releasing a new album soon, his forums for the past few months have been full of fans trying to guess what's going to be on it. Since it was confirmed that the album would include a Green Day parody, many people figured that a Boulevard Of Broken Dreams parody was likely (though it's actually turned out to be an American Idiot parody).

The forum goers, being the society of genius comedy minds that they are, were throwing out some theories for the Boulevard of Broken Dreams parody, the stupidest of which being the suggestion for the parody Boulevard of Ice Creams.

Purely in the interest of science, I have written a song titled Boulevard of Ice Creams.

Next big thing right here!:

I walk this Rocky Road
I like all my sidewalks à la mode
Serve it in a cone
It'll never melt because it's cold

I eat a frozen treat
On the boulevard of ice creams
Even the pavement's sweet
Sprinkles on my shoes, and it's really cold

It's really cold
It's really cold

It's really cold
It's really

I'm not alone 'cause I have Ben and Jerry
The streets mix chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry
Sometimes I'd like some food that isn't dairy
My tongue gets really cold

Ah-ah ah-ah ah-ah fudge-swirl
Ah-ah ah-ah ah-ah

It goes straight to my hips
This could use some mint and chocolate chip
Hope that I don't slip
On the road where did I happen to mention the temperature which is cold

In whipped cream I stand
On this street we're all the ice cream man
Custard rules this land
Extra chocolate sauce and it's still cold

It's really cold
It's really cold

It's really cold
It's really

With spoon I walk this avenue of ice cream
I don't walk too fast so I don't get brain freeze
For this road I scream, you scream, and we all scream
Sure I'll share, I'm not cold

Ah-ah ah-ah coo-kies 'n-cream
Ah-Ah Ah-Ah It's really cold
It's really

I walk this frozen street
On the boulevard of ice creams
Where there's no concrete
Man this French Vanilla's hard to b--

I'm all alone in this desert of dessert
I'm up to my eyeballs in orange sherbet
So I'll just have another frozen yogurt
It helps that this street is cooooooooooooooooooooooooooold

This is going double-dip-cone platinum, baby!
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Everyday you wake up late. Sometimes I wish I was that way. [21 Aug 2006|10:46pm]
[ mood | virtually boy ]

pandaman27: If you could go back in time and talk to the designers of the Virtual Boy, what would you say?


The title of our book we're gonna write because I cant think of one right now.

All right, guys, I know you've all been working hard on this new system. It's something different, and here at Nintendo, we try to remain fluid with the new technology that is available to us. And now that you're almost done, I think it's about time you actually look into the Virtual Boy system. Go on, I'll wait.

Yeah, no, it's all crazy 3D red like that for everybody. Er, I'm over here guys. Over here, follow my voice. Okay, I'm sorry I had to do that, but it proves my point. That thing is red. What a harmful thing. In eyes. Now, I said all that to say this.

Mario Tennis? I don't know, guys, I like a good 3D golf. Can we get Mario playing 3D golf? Now golf is something I have personally stared into the sun itself to play, and I think the consumer feels the same way. Mario Golf! '95 is the year of the Virtual Boy, baby!

You and I, sir, are going to write a book entitled Eber: Building A Sandcastle And What I'd Be Doing If I Were At Home Right Now.

It's the update for the final comment of my entry suggestion entry! It was fun, so thanks for all your inspiration, everyone!

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